19 Bella Tapas BYOB Restaurant

New Years Eve Dinner

December 31, 2018

Join Us For New Years Eve Dinner

12/31/18 5:00pm until ?... bring in the New Year with 19 Bella!


Cheese Plate By Diana @ Le Grand Formage (4) Cheeses, Marcona, Almonds, Mustrada, Honey 27

Lebanese Haricot Vert (Green Beans) w/Tomato, Cumin, Caramelized Onion & Baylis Vinegar 13

Roasted Acorn Squash w/ Pomegranate Molasses Za’Atar & Home Made Labneh 14

Mashed Celery Root & Cauliflower w/Caramelized Onion & Truffle  12

Chunky Guacamole: Avocado w/Grilled Tomato, Onion, Jalepeno, Lime & Cilantro 13

Charred Brussel Sprouts- Bacon, Balsamic,  Almonds & Provolone 12

Winter Ratatouille w/ Acorn Squash, Onion, Feta Eggplant, Tomato, Zucchini & Herbs 12

Fried Dates Wrapped in Bacon w/ Balsamic Glaze & Maytag Blue Cheese 11

Roasted Asparagus w/Three Cheeses, Lump Crab & Truffled Béarnaise 18 Add Fried Egg  3

Middle Eastern Dip Plate w/Humus, Sweet & Sour Eggplant & Tzadziki 13

Sautéed Roman Artichokes w/ Bacon, Onion, Tomatoes, White Wine & Balsamic 15 

Sautéed Wild Mushrooms w/Sherry, Tomatoes, Garlic, Cream & Herbs 19

Roasted Beet Salad w/ Blood Orange Vinaigrette, Pistachios, Feta & Herbs 12

For Two

Roasted Chateaubriand (20 oz Beef Tenderloin) w/ Bearnaise Sauce & Roasted Root Vegetables 96

Pan Seared Double N.Y. Sirloin Of Swedish Elk au Poivre (Brandy Cream Sauce w/ 5 Peppercorns) Roasted Root Vegetables 98

Roasted Three Pound Lobster Stuffed w/ Shrimp & Scallops-Oven Dried Tomato 
Bearnaise & Asparagus 110

Paella Barcelona w/ Shrimp, Scallops, Clams & Mussels, Chorizo, Saffron &Tomato  62


Filet Mignon Chateau Henry The 4th w/Fresh Black Truffles, Wild Mushrooms, Madeira & Grilled Artichoke 32

1/2 Roasted Wild Scottish Partridge w/Hunter Duck Sausage, Braised Cabbage & Smoked Boar Belly 29

Grilled Duck Sausage & Seared Foie Gras w/ Roasted Chestnuts, Port & Dried Cherries 24

Roasted Crisp Skin Chicken Thigh w/ Acorn Squash, Confit Garlic, Caramelized Onions & Za’atar 15

Sautéed Sweetbreads w/ Wild Mushrooms, Truffels, Amontillado Sherry & Cream 22

Lamb Cobbler w/ Braised Lamb , Roasted Root Vegetables, Dark Beer & a Biscuit 19

Wild Boar Sauerbraten w/ Red Wine Vinegar, Potato Salad, Boar Bacon Braised Cabbage 24

Boar Schnitzel w/ Lobster Salad, Green Bean Salad, Potato Salad & Cucumber Salad 24

Pan Seared Filet Mignon w/ Port, Bacon, Blue Cheese & Caramelized Onion 26

Grilled Filet Mignon Oscar w/Lump Crab, Asparagus & Truffled Bearnaise 28

Braised Short Rib w/Cider, Brandy, Mashed Celery Root-Horseradish 24

Seared Duck Breast & Sea Scallop w/Lardons, Dried Fruit & Moscato 24

Grilled Lamb Chops w/Bacon & Onion Grits, Hazelnut, Rosemary Brown Butter & Pomegranate 27

 Fresh Shucked Lobster

Lobster Mac & Cheese 27 

 Butter Poached Lobster Normandy w/ Truffled Béarnaise & Asparagus 27

 Lobster Thermidor w/Wild Mushrooms, White Wine, Tarragon & Three Cheeses 28

Spicy Chili Butter Poached Lobster w/ Bacon & Onion Grits & Minted Peas 27

Fish & Seafood

Roasted Branzino in Cartoccio w/ Prosciutto, Shrimp, Artichoke, Oven Dried Tomato & Charred Myer Lemon 24

Crab & Shrimp in Phyllo w/ Apple, Onion & Curry-Apple, Olive & Tomato Ragout 18

Nantucket Bay Scallops & Colossal Shrimp Ceviche w/Tangerine, Chilies, Red Onion Onion, Cilantro & Lime 25

House Smoked Salmon & Colossal Chilled Shrimp w/Remoularde & Smoked Paprika Aioli 22

Crisp Fish Taco w/Mango Salsa, Guacamole & Chipotle Aioli 16

Grilled Octopus Salad w/Charred Fennel, Confit Potatoes, Capers, Charred Lemon, Parsley &  Pomegranate Vinaigrette 19

Roasted  Mussels, Oysters & Clams Bienville w/ Smoked Boar Belly, Sweet Peppers,Garlic & Cream- w/Parmesan Panko  19

Shrimp – Bacon-Onion Grits w/ Chorizo, Sweet Peppers, Oven Dried Tomato & Chili Peppers 19

Crisp Oysters & Grits wRemoularde Sauce 19

Pan Seared Scottish Salmon Oscar w/ Lump Crab, Asparagus & Truffled Bearnaise 24


Frank’s Mac & Cheese or Potatoes Au Gratin 9 *Add Bacon & Onion 3 Add Short Ribs 12

Crisp Sweet Potato Gnocchi w/Sage Brown Butter, Pecans,Three Cheeses 15

Sausage Risotto w/Red Wine, Peppers, Wild Mushrooms & Oven Dried Tomato 15

Bucatini Carbonara w/ Bacon, Peppercorns, Egg Yolk & Three Cheeses 14

Lemon Risotto w/Asparagus, Confit Garlic & Cream-Three Cheeses 14

Wild Mushroom Risotto w/Sherry, Three Cheeses, Garlic & Herbs 19 

Homemade Wild Scottish Game Ravioli w/ Sherry Cream, Confit Garlic, Wild Mushrooms, Oven Dried Tomatoes & Fresh Herbs  19