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Why You Shouldn’t Bother with Fancy Burger Mixes

Why You Shouldn't Bother with Fancy Burger Mixes

Author Cara Nicoletti from GQ says “Have you ever seen a sausage made of pork tenderloin? I think you probably haven’t—God, I hope you haven’t—and for good reason! Sausages are one of the things that keep a butcher shop in business, because they allow the butchers to make good use of the tougher cuts that don’t fare well as a chop or filet. The same is true for burger grind—in order for a shop, especially a whole animal shop, to function, the tougher cuts with more connective tissue that don’t fare well as a steak have to fulfill their destiny as burger meat. You might be thinking to yourself, why is this my problem? I do not own a butcher shop. I want my filet mignon ground with NY strip and I want it now. But it is your problem, because a beef tenderloin-slash-NY strip burger blend would be a mealy, dry, and incredibly expensive disappointment. If we’re being honest with ourselves, the best burger is a simple burger.”

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