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Arches of Bread Festival

Arches of Bread Festival

Check out this article on Atlas Obscura that features the Bread Festival.  It says “Easter is one of the most important holidays in Italy, and many cities and towns across the country are known for their spectacular festivities. But when it comes to food, perhaps no celebration rivals the “Arches of Bread” festival (also known as the “Easter Arches”) of San Biagio Platani, in Sicily.

Every year, in the months leading up to Easter Sunday, town residents team up to create life-size structures made of herbs, beans, and bread. This unique food-architecture tradition has its roots in feudal times, when Sicilians welcomed visiting rulers by constructing arches of triumph made of marble and other precious stones. San Biagio was a farmers’ village, so instead of marble, locals opted for arches made of bread. Even after visiting rulers stopped demanding ornate displays of welcome, the tradition survived and was adapted for a religious context. As attested by a document kept in San Biagio’s main church, the diocese declared that each year a portion of the harvest was to be used for building “arches of bread.”

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