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Summer Fruits and Vegetables Guide

Summer Fruits and Vegetables Guide

Author Bhadra Kamalasanan from Only My Health provides us with a Summer Fruits and Vegetable Guide.

He says “Summer fruits are vegetables are those that are abundant in the summer season and almost scant in other seasons. Here is a list of summer fruits and vegetables.

Pears may not be so good as apples, but one pear has more fibre than there is in apple, a comparable level of vitamin C and few calories and carbohydrates. When you pick pears at the fruit store, make sure that they have a pleasant fragrance and a soft stem end.

Pineapples are popular summer fruits that are dense with vitamins, enzymes and anti-oxidants. It also is an all-body anti-inflammation cocktail that protects against colon cancer, macular degeneration and arthritis.

Mango is a natural coolant that is packed with vitamins A and C and beta-carotene that may help in preventing cancer and promoting healthy skin.

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