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Cool foods to eat this summer

Cool foods to eat this summer

Author OONA MASHTA, Evening Standard of Daily Mail.com shares “Cool Foods To Eat This Summer”.

The article states “The past couple of weeks, say forecasters, could herald a blistering summer, but high temperatures do have their drawbacks.
Excessive heat, for instance, can seriously upset the body, causing irritability, sleep problems, exhaustion and lack of concentration, among other things.

But food and drink have a big part to play in helping your body keep cool and healthy during the heat. Here’s what to stock in your fridge to survive the sizzling temperatures …

Fruit with yoghurt: is an ideal combination for breakfast in really hot weather. Fruit, which has a high water content, will help maintain your body fluid, which will be lost more rapidly through sweat, the body’s mechanism for cooling down in the heat.

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