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I Bought A Week Of Healthy Food From Trader Joe’s For Under $50

I Bought A Week Of Healthy Food From Trader Joe’s For Under $50

Check out The Zoe Report and The Everyday Girl!  They have an article on how you can purchase a weeks worth or food for $50.  That’s right  – you heard right… $50!!

Here is what they have to say “We all need to eat. I like to eat healthily, you like to eat healthily. But there’s a myth floating around that eating whole and healthy foods is too expensive for the average person.

Which, yeah, the dollars can certainly add up if you’re taking trips to Whole Foods to buy kale chips, sprouted wheat crackers, and grass-fed ghee.

But if you’re fine with sticking to simpler foods you cook at home, eating on the cheap is not that hard to do. To prove it to you, I went to Trader Joe’s with nothing but $50 and a dream, on a mission to buy enough food for the entire week.

How to buy a week of healthy food from Trader Joe’s for $50

Know your stores

Certain stores sell foods cheaper than others. Costco is great for bulk items, Sprouts has inexpensive meats and produce, and Trader Joes is great for specialty items. Meats at Trader Joes are expensive, which means if you’re trying to keep it cheap at TJs, you should plan on eating more plant-based meals that week.


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