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Why Do We Call Deviled Eggs ‘Deviled’?

Why Do We Call Deviled Eggs ‘Deviled’?

That is a question from author Jessica Gentile from Chowhound, Why are they “deviled”.  In her article she states “Deviled eggs are staples of brunches, picnics, and potlucks. And it’s easy to see why. As far as preparation goes, they’re easy to make, relatively healthy, and extremely satisfying. It’s hard not to love the creamy, spiced filling and hard-boiled exterior. There’s just one question: How did they get their name? What’s so devilish about eggs anyway? And what deems a food worthy of such seemingly satanic praise?

It turns out, the history goes back further than you think. The first documented usage for the word “devil” as a culinary term dates back to 1786 when, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, it was used to describe a “(highly seasoned) fried or boiled dish.” By 1800, the term “deviling” caught on and was primarily used to refer to the process of making a spicy or condiment-laden dish, like ham or even kidneys, as was common for the time.”

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